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i may be biased but i genuinely believe that studying economics or being an economics major is one of the most valuable things a millennial college student can do today to get ready for the post-graduate world he or she will face. employers definitely know this already.

economics not only trains students to think it also allows them to gain critical problem-solving skills. as a result economics majors end up working in a wide variety of jobs in a vast number of industries. i think this flexibility is a tremendous plus because it makes a college graduate much more marketable in a digital-technology world where so many of the professions of the future are still evolving. if you major in economics you can go to wall street in banking and finance. you can help any number of companies with big data. you can transform yourself into an entrepreneur. you can go into government and help mold public policy.

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you can nurture economic development around the world. you can make global trade work better. you can help reform the health-care system. you can become a lawyer. you can re-shape our cities as an urban planner or real-estate expert.

you can run a retail chain. you can become a management consultant. the career choices go on and on.

put another way having a broad set of employment options is a really good thing and being in demand because you know how to analyze and assess even when the problems are messy is equally beneficial. right now theres


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