I Every step of my life till now

I would like to thank you for giving me a chance toexpress myself. I, B.Manikanta Reddy, an undergraduate in Bachelor ofTechnology, in Civil Engineering stream.

Every step of my life till now hasplayed a very important role in choosing my career ahead. Today I have to gofurther towards my goal, after my successful completion of under graduation inCivil Engineering from CVSR college of Engineering, an Autonomous Institution,which is ranked among the top ten universities in my state.Being an alumnus of St.theresa High School has notonly shaped me into an all-rounder but also a person with good moral values.This is where my interest in sports, performing arts and many more uniqueactivities developed. In addition, it even helped me realize the importance ofeducation, emphasizing on the importance of being a constant learner and also thezeal for achieving greater heights by setting realistic goals.My interest for the field of Construction Managementcontinued when I opted for Civil Engineering as a Branch for my UndergraduateDegree. My undergraduate program was a judicious mix of theory and practice.

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Foundation of this lay in my admiration of my father, who is in theconstruction field and I used to be excited and inquisitive whenever I used tovisit the sites.I credited courses like “Building Construction andEquipment” and “Materials of Construction” which inculcated latest constructiontechnology and management methods in me. I armed myself with the knowledge of basictransportation engineering in “Transportation Engineering I” and “II”. Thesecourses have given me sound grasp of fundamentals. Numerous visits toconstruction sites enhanced my practical understanding. Elective courses like”Management Science” and “Waste Management System” gave vital insight intoknowledge of surrounding world.I have realized that the area of ConstructionManagement is a highly challenging field, offers a tremendous scope forresearch and learning. My decision for Master of Science in ConstructionManagement is an effort to quench my thirst of knowledge and contribute to fieldby positive research.

Therefore, I am looking forward to take up GraduateProgram in the Construction Management department of a college that has anoutstanding faculty and offers commitment to academic excellence. Not only wasI attracted by its distinguished faculty, excellent laboratory facilities andhigh reputation but also by quality of research going on. I knew the fact thathardwork is necessary for striving excellence in academics and also I know thatit is as not as exciting as the published results seem to indicate.Nevertheless, I am sure that my aptitude and drive will see through thechallenge. I honestly feel that Masters Study at your University will beexciting experience for me.The knowledge gained through academics andexperience in trainings came to lime light when I proceeded to work formini-project , where I have been to a construction site of multi-storey builing.This has taken place in the 6th semester of my four year course ofB.Tech.

I visited the site for a period of twenty days, where I observed thevarious day to day works and noted them on a paper. This was a very usefulexperience where I gained practical knowledge, which is a lot different fromtheoretical knowledge.Since my school days, I have been able to strike abalance between academic and extra-curricular activities. All through my schooland college life, I have played an active role in extra-curricular activities.I enjoyed taking part in sports, dances, drawings etc.

I always was at theforefront in organizing different events in school as well as the colleges. Iperformed dance on several events both at school and college. I hadparticipated in a dance competition held at country club Hyderabad, and I hadwon a prize for my performance. I had also participated in poster presentationheld at my college on a Technical Fest named “Aagma 2k16” where I presented  a poster on “Sludge and Fly Ash in Bricks”concept. I had also taken part in the event of “Model Making” where Iconstructed a bridge using ice-cream sticks, along with my friends, for whichwe won first prize in the technical event “Aagma 2k17”.

I had also taken partin drawing competitions in the school, where I went to the final round. I alsolove playing football, cricket and volleyball.I truly understand the arduousness of the path Iintend to take up and I am confident that I possess the caliber and the driveneeded to pursue this program. My ultimate objective of achieving technologicalexcellence could be realized by pursuing a post graduate course at a renownedschool. I believe the United States of America is the pioneer in the fields ofeducation and also holds the benchmark of excellent quality and services.

Iwould like to cement the basic knowledge I have gained in the undergraduateprogram by pursuing the graduate course at your school.The excellent research facilities and the vibrantatmosphere of the university have really attracted me. In addition, your splendidfaculties are also a major attraction to me. In my experience as a student Iknow for certain that good facilities can make a difference in a student’s lifeand learning experience. Thus, I strongly desire to continue my furthereducation and research at your University. If given an opportunity, I assureyou my dedication and diligence and my desire to excel would allow me to make aremarkable contribution to the University.I look forward to a long and fruitful associationwith __________


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