I award ceremony for Manukau institute of

I propose to use some project management technique and management process for planning, executing and deliver project successfully for excellent award ceremony for Manukau institute of Technology for 2018.

I will be working with People and Culture team, Marketing, Finance team for planning and how to control all activities for Excellence award 2018. We committed to implementing effective project management method and management process at all levels of the event to be success. These are main award for the MIT Excellence Award 2018.• Nomination• Living the value awards• Outstanding Achievement award• Teaching Excellence awardsRisk management is not the responsibility of a single department, it is the responsibility of everyone from the high management position to the lower level position.

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Due to the time constraints of this quarter and the research completion date, it might result in a research that might miss out some important information. Some important information are limited in internet and textbooks. In project cycle, assumption must be made to identify and mitigate any risk.


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