I this, I believe that my early

I think my early self-development is a long process by which I gradually develop my later self- esteem. Based on this, I believe that my early self- development shaped my later self- esteem.

To illustrate for this, I would like to tell about some of the factors which relate to my early self- development. First of all, I grew up in the love of my parents and my siblings. This was really a good environment for me to train my self-esteem right in a small group of my home. I have had the supporting of my family members very early in my childhood. The second, I was affected by the authoritative style of my parents which helps me grew up in self- esteem. The third, I was cultivated about self- esteem by my self-observing.

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since I was able to learn from others especially from my parents. I learned how to be confident through the behaviors of my parents when I saw them communicated with others or when they were working. In short, I have had many good opportunities and supporting within my childhood. So, I have learned how to be self- esteem when I was a child. Then, it became one of my characteristics.


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