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I think that the easiest way to move ahead in life is to willingly accept challenges and conquering all your fears. My mom always told me. “It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. It’s about how many times you get up that truly determinines the quality of your life”. My name is Simran Arora and I am highly enthusiastic by the opportunity to join La Trobe University to further my studies in Masters of Professional Accounting.

Growing up in a small town, I always had big aspirations and dreams that I wanted to accomplish. Further, I got an opportunity to study in one of the top schools in India Vidya Devi Jindal School(VDJS). The precious years of girlhood spent at VDJS have transformed me today into a true ‘woman of substance’. Being an active participant in various Olympiads, art competitions, and sports as well as getting a scholarship for academic excellence. I passed high school with 9.4 CGPA and senior secondary school with 90%.

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 My interests reflected in the academics results as I received Certificate for the subject topper in Accountancy. Having keen interest in accounting and an excellent record of achievements in this field helped me to decide my career path. Furthermore, getting acquainted with Chartered Accountancy program prompted me further to pursue a career in this field. I majored in Bachelor of Commerce from S.D college Chandigarh affiliated to Punjab University with a reputation for excellence in terms of its business programs.

Although the rigorous academic environment presented certain challenges and I was not able to score well in first two semesters but gradually my performance improved. The core subjects in my bachelors were Accounting, Business, Commerce, Law, Taxation and Management Studies.  I have also completed the Common Proficiency Test from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

In addition to this I have also completed information Technology course and orientation programme in accordance with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Even though I was very focused in my academics, I showed equal interest and was enthusiastically participating in the events and was an active member of various clubs. During my college years, I was appointed as a team leader to coordinate and organize various events..

I was also awarded a certificate from Panjab university for Meritoriously showcasing my commendable Entrepreneurial skills. Nevertheless, I am a firm believer in social service and believe in giving back to the community. Therefore I closely worked with an NGO Ashray on a project called Viral claps aimed for cleaner India.These experiences also honed my communication,teamwork and leadership skills. After my graduation, I prepared for MBA entrance exams and appeared for the same.Unfortunately,esven after a lot of hardwork I failed to get a descent score. In the quest to carve a better future for myself I decided to move to another country. Subsequently, carrying out a lot of research, I realized that Australia would be the best fit for me.

Universities in Australia are different from the ones in India. The way they push students out of their comfort zone, their utmost commitment to provide knowledge to students outside the classroom doors and focusing on practicality more has drawn my attention Then, I started going through different programs Australian Universities offered and skimmed through it. I was particularly intrigued by Masters of professional Accounting Program. Masters of professional accounting program encompasses all the necessary skills and aspects required for enrollment in a Chartered Accountancy program from the ICAA. It also provides a widespread knowledge on the field of Accounting, Business, Taxation and Management studies which would facilitate my profession and future endeavours. Further, I believe that the la trobe University has the best to offer for me.

The la trobe University is an institution of excellence and I wish to be counted as one among your distinguished alumni in the future. I am very much inspired by the motto of university- whoever seeks shall find and I am truly seeking of an opportunity to be part of your institution. Moreover, the crowd of the university is cosmopolitan which is add on benefit to learn about different culture.

Also, different events on campus, different extracurricular activities, and opportunities to join different campus clubs is something that I look forward to as well. Hence, getting an opportunity to pursue my further studies in your University can help me grow as an individual.Being an alumni of the world’s leading universities will enable me to have a global outlook and provide me the opportunity to work with leading giants like Deliotte, KPMG or Ernst and young when I return back to my home country. If given an opportunity, I can assure of my dedication and commitment in addition to be an integral part of the graduate MPA program at the La Trobe University.Regards,Simran Arora


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