I field which was my higher aim

I am Muhammad AwaisMaqsood,having utmost passion foraccomplishing best quality education and self-awareness.

This yearning goesback through my lesser school days, where my scholarly records always provideevidence of great comprehension of numerical standards and basics principle ofscience which I studied in school. When I got admission in High School andSecondary School, I showed up same pattern which additionally affirmed throughscholastic qualities and center logical abilities. I was immensely interestedto understand knowledge of Electronics.

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I decided to excel in this specificfield which was my higher aim after completion of Pre-Engineering studies.Furthermore, I was extremely enraptured with electronicdevices around me. I generally attempted to discover whatfundamental components and structure they contain, which make them function.The excitement to comprehend the puzzle behind the plan and operation ofelectronic devices impelled me to select myself for undergrad program in BSElectrical Engineering (Electronics) at Air University (Pakistan Air Force),which is amongst the most regarded institute of Pakistan and ranks as 8thbetween Engineering Universities with the Higher Education Commission,Pakistan. I studied electronic related courses which are ElectricCircuit Analysis, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronic and Power Electronic.These courses help me to understand the basic concepts of Engineering and Ipractically used these concepts in my different semester projects. Moreover, Icome to conclude that research has no limits and this has motivated to start mygraduate studies.During my undergrad studies, I was awarded merit scholarship and was also awarded Prime Minister Laptop in 2015.

OnNational level, I participated in (Air Circuit); Air Tech 2016 organized by AirUniversity, Students of more than twenty universities participated in thiscompetition from which I got First Prize.It was my passion to analyze the Power Electronic anddifferent types of instruments along with their working principle. I reallyfound that the Power Electronics is necessary part of power industry. After 4thsemesterof my undergraduate studies I got a chance of doing internship at  NationalInstitute of Electronics Ministry of Science & Technology Islamabad,Government of Pakistan,NIE has taught me how to work in a team ,shareknowledge ,manage and assure quality of project, learn new technologies andlast but not least how to lead projects.

It has given me the confidence andexposure of various fields of technology. Where I also got a chance to get experiencein Power Converters like DC-DC Converter, Inverters and PCB Designing.I also pursuedinternship in Power House & Weaving department, at Nishat Mills Limited, Bhikhi, Sheikhupura  where I become familiar with powergenerating engines i.e.Wartsila dual fuel engine, Daihatsu diesel engine,Caterpillar gas engine. Consequently, I got a chance to avail this type ofopportunity in my final year project.

My Final Year Project was “Three PhaseSolar Inverter”. My Project aims to design and fabricate a device that convertsDc Voltage coming from Solar panel to three phase AC voltage for driving threephase induction motor along with VFD , not only the speed of motor iscontrolled but also enhanced the motor’s dynamic and steady statecharacteristics as well.This device has large applications in industry and fordomestic purposes.After recieving A-gradein my final year project, enthusiasm of acquiring knowledge in field ofPower Electronics forced me to explore much more in this specific sector ofPower Electronics. Therefore, I figure Post Graduate reviews in Power Electronicsin a respectable organization that would altogether add to my future vocationdevelopment. Reading the books, watching the news, analyzing and observingthe people of China, I am really impressed by the way these individuals haveproved themselves to be dedicated to their work and with true efforts they haveset China as a successful example for other third world or developed countries.The fast growing economy, technological advancement and the global rankingeducation institutes of China with high reputation makes a great aspiration tothe students and professionals for the better career perspectives.

Thus suchkind of positivity has boosted my confidence further and I am highly satisfiedwith the decision I have taken. Moreover, China’s diverse cultural norms andvalues, the famous gentle hospitality of its people and Pakistan-China allweather friendly relations since past to promote bilateral trade , acceptanceand peace to both sides in great clarity make me feel China as my second homeland;also my family fully supports my choice for China being my preference for Masterstudies. All these reasons put together make China an ideal place for me to domy Master degree. My long term goal is to contribute in research area as wellas motivate other people of my country to become part of my effort towardscontribution in research.I am confident that my contribution toward PowerElectronics will pay my country in the long run.

My educational and practicalexperience has taught me that the key to success is self-reliance and veryimportantly, the time management.I might want to finish up with the purposes behind myapplying to your regarded University for my Master’s degree. The department’swebsite of Electrical Engineering of your university revealed a very strongfaculty involved in extensive research in the area of Power Electronics .

Studyingfrom such esteemed teachers, faculty and with the courses being offered inmaster’s degree. I will be able to go even further in pursuing my personal aswell as career development and thus I foresee my career in various developmentsof Power Electronics to make this world and specially my country a betterplace. MS program will be a chance to work with international students and tryto implement new ideas, which will set me up to meet the difficulties in Power Electronicsin my nation after completion of this program.In conclusion, I would like to add that the essence ofUniversity education lies in the synergetic relationship between the studentand the department .I feel that the master’s study at your University will bethe most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towardsachieving my objectives.

I would grateful to you if I’m accorded theopportunity to pursue my higher studies in Chinese Government Scholarship atyour Institution and am able to justify your faith in me. PAK-CHEEN DOSTIZINDABAD


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