I here in this room, including you and

I want you to look at the person on your right, say hello.

Now, look at the person on your left, say hello. Do you know that everyone here in this room, including you and I, is going to die someday? Before this assignment, I have never really given a thought on what I wanted to achieve in life. I took this chance to I finally managed to sit down and list the places I’d like to see, the things I’d love to experience and the challenges I’d like to complete in the future.

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Point one:Fly first class.Point two:Go to Japan! Do many interesting things! Eat food, Different activities. Japan (see the cherry blossoms, visit a shrine, visit the temple there, climb Mount Fuji, ride the bullet train (Shinkansen), Ride the Hakone Tozan Railway, have tea at a maid café, pounding mochi, look at penguins at Hokkaido).. Talk to the AI.

So many tourist attractions!!! Learn Japanese before I go to the trip! It’s interesting as kanji uses the same characters as Chinese but the Japanese meaning of the character is completely different from the Chinese meaning. Although it can be confusing, but I feel that learning the language is worth my time and energy. I strongly believe that after learning the language, I would feel an immense sense of gratification. After all, I can use the language to have quality interactions with the Japanese locals when I go for a holiday in Japan, which would make my trips to Japan more meaningful.


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