I reached outside the school, he asked if

I was a senior when it happened to me. I did not cause it, it just happened.I belonged to a traditional dance group so at school, I had many friends, but we were not really close.We had been buzzing about our prom party and that we would be bringing our boyfriends as prom kings .

But me I was single that time .The week before the prom is when it all went down.It had been a long day but by 16h30 it was time to go home. A boy I knew who was my friend entered the classroom, but I did not pay that much attention. By the time I was zipping my bag that is when I noticed that he has been watching my every move I had made. He started approaching and my heart was like bmm bmm bmm.

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He greeted me and started the conversation. We were the last ones to get out of the class. When we reached outside the school, he asked if he could walk me home and I said sure.

I for one knew that he had feelings for me but I did not want to acknowledge it. We talked and talked as we walked until we reached the prom subject. He asked me if I had bought the prom suit and I said no so he asked me if we could buy them together because he had not bought his either.After sometime he stopped looked me straight in the eyes and asked me if I could be his prom queen. I stopped for a minute and looked at him and said why, why me, why not the others. I started talking a lot and too fast so he told me to shut up but I couldn’t.

I said no. I told him that it was not possible, that I would ignore him. This is because I did want to go with him, I even liked him but I did not want to engage myself in anything serious ( I did not want change our relationship). He told me to shut up but this time i did shut it. He said that he has had a debate of whether or not I should become his prom queen and that means he wanted me to become his girlfriend.

After sometime “I lied” I said. “I was afraid of what would happen if we became involved. But it is better to take chances than to be afraid.” I had made him realize how much he wanted to be with me. We decided to keep up the relationship after high school.That afternoon I learned that being close to someone is possible.

I also learned that, it does not matter whether or not the person is a misfit; the important thing is the connection, the closeness, the feeling. As long as there is something between two people _friendship, shared interest, love, anything_ it is a sign that there can be some reconciliation with fear, some “fit” for misfits. And it shows that fear need not always win, that we can grow and change, and even have second chances.I am still seeing him.


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