I of writing this reflection essay is

I was commissioned to write a reflective report on what I’ve learnt in the process of the business planning. The purpose of writing this reflection essay is to readdress the skills as well the experience that I had gained while doing this assignment.

In this report, I have listed down my overall experience and the skills that I gained throughout working with my group as I hold the position of the Head of Human Resources department. By assuming of holding the position, we are required to submit a business proposal in turning around Facebook and come up with objectives and solutions in improving the reputation of the company. My task as a Head of Human resources department was to conduct secondary data and research on the problems that Facebook is facing and then come up with objectives in order to proceed to the action plan. Throughout in conducting my research in the Human resources department, I have learned the way on supporting my ideas through integrating few sources with the access to enormous databases of academic journals, articles, books and also high quality references. I learned to effectively select and integrate credible and relevant sources which have made each of my argument to be solid and strong. I was capable of weeding out the sources which I found was irrelevant information and focus only on information which had supported my ideas in an effective way. While conducting my research during the drafting process, it has helped me in making judgements about the company as well the logic of each of my compositions through noticing each and every gaps in my judgements and tapering my research to sources in which could further helped me in explaining my argument.

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For the first draft, I began constructing out the possible outcomes and solutions before identifying the problems. What I did not realised is that we have to identify the problems first then set the objectives before moving on to the possible solutions and outcomes. This was corrected by my lecturer after reading at my first draft. I personally didn’t felt distress after he commented at my work. I took it with my open heart is because I was able to corrected my work earlier rather then showing him in the last minute. Working as a team for this business proposal has brought positive connections among group members and myself. When the task was assigned and the possible barriers in searching was identified, we as a team consulted the way that we are going to capitalize on our strengths in order to reduce our weaknesses and also in what way to exploit the expected opportunities and remove the threats. Even though we are assigned to work individually on our part, but I have act as a team in helping my team mates in their parts and vice versa.

This is because each of our part is interrelated to other departments when we are coming out with the possible solutions. This has definitely assisted me in learning as well understanding each of my members approach.We manage to sync each of our ideas and solutions to be related in each departments when constructing the business proposal. For example, I had a discussion with the Finance department which I told him that I’m going to write down in my possible solutions that I will propose a budget to the Finance department on the recruitment of the expertise trainers for the training purpose. Based on my possible solutions, he have analyse my department and list it down on his utilize working capital that increasing the expenses of HR department. This shows that we have continuously kept in touch and communicate with each other through weekly meetings and whatsapp messages. In result, it has increased the coordination among the team members in maximising the team performance (Julian ; Ahmed, 2012).

As for setting the SMART objective, I faced obstacles in writing them. This is because before writing up the SMART objective, there are some different expansions which is for the SMART acronym. After taking a look at all the elements which I considered that this SMART objective could help the organisation and employee by succeeding their goals, then only I came up with a proper one. After writing up the SMART objective, I personally had asked a friend of mine from different group who is holding the Head of Human Resources Department as well, whether his objectives are same as mine or no. This is to ensure that my objective is correct and I’m on the correct track.

I even consulted my CEO before writing it up. She helped me in minor changes so that the objective which I set is a SMART objective.


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