I into reality, for a satisfying future.

I was also very grateful to my parents and my husband for studying me. If not for them I have no idea. Thanks to the Lord God because he did not forsake me in my life. Because of the education I gained I had a lot of knowledge and it also contained me courage and hope to continue my life on the right path. Because of the education I’ve been renting over to people who are older than me. I’ve also chosen to appreciate those close to my heart and to the people around me. Because education has been a vanguard and understands everything.

Because of education we can bring trouble into our family. We can give them comfort in life. So we must study well so that we can achieve what we want in life. We also do not want to give up when someone tries to experience it especially if it’s for the future.Education is important because it makes it possible for someone to have knowledge about his or her life, personality and community. It builds on the success of every successful person in order to fully benefit the world and know its goals.Education determines a prosperous and fulfilling future for me and my family; it’s the key to success.

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Without education, it is difficult to open doors and turn my dreams into reality. To fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse, I require an adequate education. Education contributes useful information that will assist me in my daily life; it is where I obtain knowledge and training needed for my future. As a student, I became a mature conscious person because of the responsibilities in school; I learned how to be punctual, prepared, and polite.

Additionally, education shapes my morals and behaviors, and it will aid me towards a successful future. Education is essential to turn my dreams of becoming a nurse into reality, for a satisfying future. With the help of parents, friends and especially teachers, their knowledge is growing in different fields.

Those who are attending will help them until their aging.Also through education, the child’s wisdom grows and is not only academically limited.It also makes it possible for a child to get a golden lesson to his life.If a child uses his or her wisdom properly and fully, he will be an integral part of his family, his society and his mother country.


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