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I do believe that the super bowl is worth paying a price for if you look back to the past prices in the past you will find that for the last five years the price has been consistent. However, if you go back to two thousand the price for a thirty-second commercial was only two thousand and two dollars.In fact, the price of the super bowl had doubled by two thousand and fifteen.  We know that the super bowl has always carried a high price for commercials. See a super bowl is a major event that is a cultural icon. Some people say more than one-hundred and one million people in America watch the Superbowl. That is more than one-third of our country so that means that more than one-third of the country may see your ad really if your talking about commercials it doesn’t get much better than that.

Really the Super Bowl commercial is a need to see on tv thing. In the early forties, super bowl commercials were roughly forty thousand dollars now it is up to fifty-five times more expensive now. Let’s break it down now the network whatever it may be will spend maybe about a quarter of the time they offer which is approximately forty-five minutes so really there is thirty-three minutes and seventy-five seconds free from the networks. These networks pay nearly 1 billion dollar contracts for this privilege, they are NBC, CBS, and FOX. The big three make their money back through ads via their own and the ads they sell so that’s why the price is so high.Over the years food and technology ads have really had an impact in super bowl ads like; Apple, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen. If you notice most people sit and actually watch the super bowl ads because they are such an iconic thing to watch it is almost like you want to watch the commercial as much as you want to watch the game.

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One of the most important things to know about doing a super bowl ad is it needs a catchy jingle like McDonald’s ” bah-da-ba-ba-bah I’m lovin’ it” something to get in the minds of the public. The thing that you come up with say a jingle or a slogan needs to be catchy and hard to forget so no matter how the game turns out your ad that cost five million dollars will be remembered in the hearts of America and forever stored in the mind of youtube.


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