I a manufacturing company. It needs to

I worked for a company which is a manufacturing company. It needs to identify current operation strategies and that needs to be used in the company and what is the role that they play in implementing them in the company. It was fast growing company which produces hinges, screws etc.

. They have marketing, business and professional services. Vice president of the company works on strengthening operation strategies along with the new techniques. Situation/Problem: It has a problem of storing company’s goods and which impacted them for the delivery of the supply of their services. Proper planning and effective estimates was one the most problem which they are facing .

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They need to have a marketing team which carries the complete forecasts and expect to meet the demands. Because of the poor forecasting of their cost functioning supply chain has to deal with issues in utilizing the goods, grow sales. They have the wastage which needs to minimize and get a proper marketing and operation strategy that makes a good collaboration to meet the company’s objectives.


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