ID changed from being strong and brave. Okonkwo’s

ID niya is INNER DESIRES ??In the beginning of the story Okonkwo’s inner desire or ID is just to establish strong personality among Omoufia tribe. To be known as the strongest man and be very much different to his father Unoka which is lazy, falling into debt and bringing shame upon his family. His desires began to rise at an early age to prove his tribe that is really strong and brave and very far different from his father, Unoka.??But Okonkwos’s ID or desire changed when a young boy Ikemefuna, came along to his life. Okonkwo’s life began to be different as it was used to be.

Ikemefuna changed the life of Okonkwo. He consider Ikemefuna as his true son, the death of Ikemefuna is the turning point of Okonkwo’s life. His desires or ID changed from being strong and brave. Okonkwo’s fear of effeminacy and weakness drive him to actions that are not actually can be noticed in him. He cannot eat nor sleep which is a way different from Okonkwo’s personality in the beginning of the story. Another ID transformation is when Okonkwo have been exiled for 7 years.

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By accidentally killing a clansman. He felt wasted, he treated as women in Mbanta unlike the way he treated in Omoufia, he is strong and brave man, he is very eager to return in Omoufia to make up for the lost time. ??Okonkwo is determined to return in Omoufia after the 7 years of beong exiled. He finds a great changed in the tribe, the Christian church won many coverts including those respected men and men with renounce titles. The white men established government court law in Omoufia, many of his clansman have already joined the church.

White men settled in quietly with their religion and then stayed to govern harshly, without ever learning the language or customs and without listening to reason. Okonkwo’s ID changed. Out in the community for 7 years Okonkwo lost his among the villagers and the elders and othe egwugwu. The tribe he established change for the pasr 7 years his gone. His ID transform by supproting the white men he took evenge to them.

Okonkwo is morally ambiguous as a man of greatness, although ready to violate rules and social law by thinking he can return the tribe of Omoufia. ??


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