Ideal gums, papers or dog dirt on the

Ideal city My ideal city is probably too perfect to be real, it is neither too big or too small but if we were to lo live in an ideal city I would dream of a city which is dirt free, there aren’t any cigarette butts, chewing gums, papers or dog dirt on the floor. It is mostly green, ecological which means there are less traffic and pollution because people use alternative means of transport and the cars run with solar energy. The houses are also equipped with solar panels to protect the earth and recycling in the city is a priority, people recycle their wastes, the environment is respected and the scenery is pleasant because the huge skyscrapers and tower blocks have been replaced by detached houses but not completely still there’s a still few high buildings for important places like embassies for example and courts.

The city is built with recycled materials to fight global warming in this ideal town and the most important thing people are happy and safe the feel which means they can have walks in the streets and gardens even at night. the pavements are large enough for parents with buggies and accessible for disabled people. Car parks and are everywhere.

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You can also borrow free bikes or take a stylish cheap taxi and just in case of rain umbrellas are everywhere and are free to take and u can a stylish cheap taxi. Everybody is civilized and u can see smiles everywhere on their faces and everyone’s positive also you can go shopping in low-cost store at low-cost rates, there are many activities for everyone including children and elderly people. Criminals and delinquents, on the other hand, are supervised by cameras. in case of a problem, the police or the firemen are there immediately to decrease the risk of danger. in this ideal town no poverty, there aren’t any homeless and beggars.

Charities accommodate them in decent buildings, students no longer sleep in cars or squats. The rents are not excessively high, everybody can afford to buy a home.


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