Identity management has never been more urgent. Most

Identity Management involves the process of authentication, authorization, and identification of a user to access the services provided by various sectors such as banking, investment, healthcare, government, online transactions.

The identity management lifecycle involves the creation, deletion, and modification of user’s data. In the modern digital world, the need for robust digital identity management has never been more urgent. Most services provided online require certain information from its customers for validation purposes. One of the major concerns of sharing identity with online applications is the security as these centralized systems can be easily hacked. We have also witnessed few cases where in the data was compromised without customer’s knowledge.

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The user has no control over his data that is on the web. In this project, we propose a solution to management of identities by using blockchain based on Ethereum. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way identity is managed by protecting the data from theft and thereby reducing fraudulent activities.

It overcomes the flaws of traditional identity management systems by using the decentralized digital platform to streamline all the steps in a transaction quickly and securely.


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