If with vulnerable adults. Once the safeguarding

If there is an allegation concerning a member of your staff, your procedures are likely to require you to suspend the person pending the outcome of the investigation or, at least, find them duties that do not bring them into contact with vulnerable adults.Once the safeguarding or police investigation has concluded, and if the allegation is upheld, you will then have to follow your organisation’s disciplinary procedures to decide what happens to the member of staff.

If someone working in social care is arrested and charged with a criminal offence, the police will notify the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)and the local safeguarding team, as social care is a ‘notifiable profession’. If there are no criminal charges, but a safeguarding investigation concludes that an allegation is upheld, then the responsibility rests with you to notify the DBS.Having a member of staff who abuses vulnerable people is always difficult to deal with and will inevitably make you question how it happened and reflect on what you could have done to prevent it.

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Everyone in the team is affected by that sort of event and a ‘review and reflect’ session with staff can help to re-settle a troubled team.


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