If there is anything positive

If there is anything positive has results from massive oil spills, it is that this environmental calamity improved the People’s consciousness of the flaws of its competence to fight oil spills and encouraged it to take steps to correct this state. In addition to worry about the efficiency and reliability of the current response technologies, both the public and private sectors have tried to find and develop advanced new technologies for responding to oil spills. Bioremediation is one such technology. Bioremediation “Remediate” means to resolve a problem, and “bio-remediate” means to make use of biological organisms to resolve an environmental problem such as, polluted media, including water, soil and subsurface material, by changing the environmental circumstances to encourage the development of the microorganisms and reduce the target contaminants.

.Although the possibility of using the abilities of the oil-degrading microorganisms to speed up the natural biodegradation of the oil has been debated for years, it is only lately that some of the real-world problems connected with this idea have started to be addressed. Our basic message is a dual one: we caution that there are still many uncertainties about the use of bioremediation as a practical oil spill response technology; nevertheless, it could be appropriate in certain circumstances, and further research and development of bioremediation technologies could lead to enhancing the Nation’s capability to fight marine oil spills.

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