If experience and perhaps even a solution

If you had the opportunity to inspire children all throughout Port Angeles, how would you do it? While there are plenty of conveniences to kindle students to become more innovative, most of them simply don’t realize that the opportunities are available. Every day, every child that enters this high school follows the same schedule and the same routine, and we are tired of it! As a student here at PAHS, I believe that I have first-hand experience and perhaps even a solution to this lackluster and almost formulaic agenda. I believe there should be more programs and guest speakers to exercise both the creative and analytical sides of our brains. As ambitious teenagers start to find their way in life, they might discover it quite challenging without having any knowledge of the clubs or programs that they would like to join. That is why I believe there should be more talk around the campus about activities that are available as you hardly hear about where to find them or if they even exist.

In my experience, I have found that students who pursue interests that are introduced to them through the school system will have a better experience with high school and learning entirely. As a result, fewer kids will be misbehaving or skipping classes as they know they will have something to look forward to later in the day. If our school had started to show students that there is more to life than the core classes that we get taught each day then it would definitely inspire some young minds to flourish in what they have a passion in.

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Guest speakers are one of the biggest fundamentals to a student’s adventures in high school. There are so many seemingly foreign and new jobs to high schoolers, but we would never be able to figure that out without any guest speakers to help us see what the real world has to offer. Introducing new guest speakers will also allow students to get more involved with Port Angeles and possibly open up new volunteer or job opportunities! Students who might not know what they want to do when they graduate will be able to see more options that they have never seen before. Supervisors and students alike may agree that having a new guest speaker each month will increase interests and excitement about school. Nothing feels more discouraging than the feeling that nobody is there to listen to your interests. This is why we must encourage students to join clubs and follow the path that will make them happiest! While most everyone would like to believe that is already the case, it sadly is not. Reaching out to students may change their lives forever, and make them walk the path less traveled. If programs and clubs were actively talked about among classrooms then perhaps more students would feel listened too instead of feeling as though they are in a jail cell and can’t escape.

Furthermore, if more supervisors reach out to students in dire need then there might even be an increase in graduation percentages as they will have more reasons to push their limits.There should be more programs and guest speakers to exercise both the creative and analytical sides of our brains. While I do admit that reaching out, expressing the various clubs available, and having guest speakers visit PAHS may not lead every child on the right path I do believe that it will make a large difference in our school. Being a student here myself, I would love to see what clubs are available without having to ask around. It’s absolutely insane that so many students don’t realize what’s out there simply because nobody thinks to talk about it.

Everyone is passionate about something, and I’d love to see everyone explore that side of themselves.


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