If are many different factors that could affect

If you were testing the the ph levels, you would put the yeast in an acidic environment, an alkaline environment, and a neutral environment to see in which environment the yeast was able to respire the best. If you were trying to test out the effect of glucose concentration on the yeast respiration, you would probably put the yeast into different beakers, each with a different amount of yeast in them . You would then check and decide which concentration of glucose allowed the yeast to respire the best.

The effect of varying different factors on the rate of respiration of a unicellular organism (yeast)

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Unicellular organisms are also known as prokaryotes and eukaryotes; these organisms have a single cell. Unicellular organisms usually respire through their cell membrane.
Yeast is a eukaryotic organism and it is also referred to as a fungus.
There are many different factors that could affect the rate of respiration, for example, temperature, pH levels and concentration of glucose.
The experiment that will be conducted will help us to see which factor has the most positive effect on the rate of respiration of yeast.
The respiration in yeast could also be known as fermentation.

To find the best temperature for the yeast to respire in, you will need to test out different temperatures. I believe that temperature will affect the respiration of yeast; I think that up until a certain temperature, the yeast respiration will occur quite rapidly. After it passes the optimum temperature, the yeast respiration may stop altogether, or the temperature may denature the yeast.
The yeast should be put in different environments such as hot, cold, warm and room temperature and should be monitored to check and see how much the yeast has actually respired.

pH levels
To find out the optimum pH level for the yeast to respire in, you will need to test out different pH levels, but,
Concentration of glucose


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