IKEA by using Chinese social media and micro-blogging

IKEA Company also need to change their marketing strategy in China. Most of IKEA international stores like most of Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore, the IKEA Company uses their product catalogue as a major marketing tool in order to promote their products range. However as for China it is a different marketing strategy. This is because by using the catalogue, it gives and provide opportunities for other local competitors in China to easily copy and imitate all the IKEA Company’s products. In which the local competitors copied IKEA’s designs furniture and then offered to the public with similar products at a much lower prices.

Due to that it can bring disadvantages to IKEA Company. According to (USCBC, 2004) mentioned thatChinese laws were not strong enough to arrest such activities. Instead distributing catalogue, IKEA decided that the best way to promote their product range is by using Chinese social media and micro-blogging website. Weibo is the famous Chinese social media which can target more on the youth generation of Chinese people.

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