IKEA is an international well

IKEA is an international well-known brand from Swedish and their headquarter a located in Netherlands. (“IKEA”, n.d.

). IKEA is a famous company that design and sell furniture that is ready made which can be easily assemble by customer. According to Wikipedia, IKEA is the world largest home furniture retailer since 2008 with 415 stores around the globe.

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(“IKEA”, n.d.). In facts the company have an exclusive museum to showcase its creativity in Almhult, Sweden. (Hitesh Bhasin, 2018). IKEA is definitely well known for their cheap price with high quality and better services to their customers. Ikea main priority is by providing an affordable, endless style, modern designed furniture.

Not only that IKEA also selling kitchenware appliances and even home accessories that are comfortable to all customers around the world.


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