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ility to develop chronic diseases these results are concordant with other research cited in this study. however this low prevalence can also be associated with the lifestyle that vegans of this study were following: regular exercising rarely smoking rarely drinking alcohol. consequently these factors can distort the results of cardiovascular diseases and cancers because they take part of the health of the participants.

1. obesity dyett et al. 2013 and spencer et al.

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2003 have shown in their study that globally vegans both men and women have a lower body mass index bmi than non-vegan people fig. 1 spencer et al. 2003 study also showed that vegans have a lower prevalence of obesity than omnivores: 1.

8% and 1.9% for vegans respectively women and men versus 5.7% and 5.0% for omnivores respectively men and women; pesco-vegetarians dont eat meat but fish and vegetarians. figure 1: mean bmi for different diet groups by age and sex spencer et al. 2003 these differences of bmi and obesity prevalence are partially due to the lifestyle behaviors of participants within the four different diet groups of this study.

but this is mostly explained by the difference of nutrient and energy intake between vegans and omnivores especially fiber and protein. vegan people globally have a higher fiber intake than other diet groups because of their diet. a lower bmi is a result for a higher fiber intake. vegan people globally consume less protein than other diet groups and they just consume plant protein whic


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