I’m bar was induced into the AQUA

I’m going to be talking about two very special horses to the world of horsemanship these two quarter horse shaped their disciplines broke all the rules, images of their sports  and changed the way equestrians thought of their two very different worlds                                                     Doc barDoc was bred to run but he never turned out on the track he won $93 in four outs a terrible amount of money for a race horse so he was given away to be a halter horse he didn’t fit into the traditional halter horse cookie cutter but he changed the game the image of a good halter horse shifted almost overnight in 1963 he was sold to Dr.

and Ms. stephen jensen for 30,000 where he was used to breed many mares he is the grand sire of many famous quarter horses like Smart little lena and dry doc. He revolutionized the cutting world as a incredible stallion.

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Doc’s bar  is the sire of many famous cutting and reining horses such as Doc ‘O lena, Doc’s prescription, Doc’s dandy doll and Docs handlebar. His bloodlines run back to his sire Lightning bar doc was foaled 1956 to become a race horse from there he went on to become a impressive halter horse then he was introduced into the world of cutting and that’s where he took his place as a famous cutting horse and reigned supreme in the sport for many years. Doc bar was induced into the AQUA hall of fame a year after his death                                                    Scamper Scamper like many famous horses got his start in a very strange way he was foaled in 1977 and was given the name Gills bay boy his original owner was named walter draper when scamper bucked draper off and sent him to the hospital he sold scamper to a action after being resold several times he ended up at the jame’s family feedlot charmayne james father bought the gelding from a man who worked there for $1,100 12 year old charmayne james took an interest in the gelding her father allowed her to ride him but said “don’t go off loping him he has a cold back” Charmayne did anyways he gave a little buck but small charmayne just laughed she said she knew the bay would never hurt her. Scamper took charmayne to the NFR winning her over $1 million dollars in rodeo earnings and 10 world championships.

Scampers bloodlines can be traced back to three bars Doc bars grand sire there stories are so much different but they both excelled in their own disciplines. Scamper was induced into the rodeo hall of fame, Scamper is by far the best known barrel horse that ever lived charmayne referred to him as “Beyond great.”   


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