Imagine being in a foreign country, Spain, for instance, without knowing a word of their language. The buzzing streets are filled with people speaking Spanish. The menus at restaurants are in Spanish. Street signs in Spanish. Everything is in Spanish! Maybe you should have taken Spanish in high school. You could have talked to natives. You wouldn’t have had to waste 100 some dollars on an interpreter. So is being bilingual something you should take into consideration?
60-75% of people around the world speak two languages, according to BBC, and those 75% of people have a better chance at getting a job. They, in fact, have a better chance at the job even if they’re not as qualified as a monolingual applicant. Basically, a second language could get you a job.
According to Bilingual Kidspot, studies show speaking a second language means you may have a better attention span and can multitask better than monolingual speakers. Steve Kocovsky, a Wauwatosa West High School Spanish teacher, says, “You can double the amount of books, media, friendships, and skills. It even helps you understand your own language better because you compare the two together” (Kocovsky).


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