Imagine and become nervous and scared of what

Imagine lying in bed, then suddenly a black figure is walking around, but there is no possible way to move or scream. The black figure keeps getting closer to the victim however, the victim has no ability to scream or get up, but then the target wakes up and realizes he is in his own bed. Likewise, this is commonly known as sleep paralysis or night terrors. Falling into a deep sleep and experiencing these types of disturbances in sleep can cause young and adult brains to overthink and become nervous and scared of what more could happen.

Night terrors are commonly aroused through young children and can be carried on through adult hood if not treated appropriately. Night terrors are unusual reactions during the night and the person generally having them can remember what they had experienced through that night. These such disturbances are mistakenly taken quite often for a nightmare but are more of a realistic scare that feels real and bizarre. Through night terrors people often see black subjects such as underworld type figures that attempt to touch them. Since night terrors have brought people to more interest, “doctors ran a test of eighty-four children and five came back saying they had night terrors, and seventy-nine said they both had night terrors and sleepwalking” (sleepwalking and sleep terrors). Night terrors can primarily be caused by not getting enough sleep, feeling sick, traveling a lot, sleep interruptions, and stress. For children under the age of ten that have night terrors often their terrors come from stress that is put onto them from their fellow family members.

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Not only can these night terrors be like a frightening nightmare, but they can reoccur if people do not tend to get the rest they need. Night terrors are one of the scariest events that could take place in a young child’s mind while being asleep, they not only can be caused from sleep deprivation but can be determined through family genetics. However, in comparison to night terrors, sleep paralysis is correspondingly another trouble that occurs in people’s minds while sleeping. Sleep paralysis is generally known as a further in-depth fear that allows the eyes to be fully open but still unaware that he is still asleep. Such experiences as sleep paralysis, have the target feeling a sense of hallucination and often reoccur from time to time. Among all diverse age groups sleep paralysis can occur.

For example, a girl named Lauren Barlow has had sleep paralysis about four times in her life and she had said it was an “experience that she would never forget because she was un able to wake herself up”. Sleep paralysis can mainly be caused by: lack of sleep, medications for the brain, and not having a good habit of going to bed at an appropriate time. As said “in a sample of 1798 university undergraduates (females, n = 976; males, n = 822) 21% reported one or more episodes of sleep paralysis, and there was no significant sex difference in this regard” (the frequency and correlates of sleep paralysis).

There is a substantial amount of different types of sleep paralysis but the most common are: seeing black figures, sexual interaction experiences, and movement of the body. Sleep paralysis can be a crucial disturbance to children that are very young of age. One of the main reasons why young children may get sleep paralysis, is not getting the amount of sleep they need in a given time frame. Although sleep paralysis occurs only in some people, it can surely traumatize the ones who have suffered from it. Furthermore, sleep paralysis and night terrors are knowingly similar in comparison. These two night experiences have elements that both interact and act the same way through the night while a person is sleeping. These sleep phenomena are highly linked together, they both occur in the night and cause sleep disruption for people of all ages.

Sleep paralysis and night terrors are both traumatizing for kids under the age of ten, these night practices are highly affective towards someone’s health. If a person is experiencing either of these, then the victim is either under stress, brain medication, or not getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Sleep paralysis and night terrors both show black figures in the night, along with traumatizing feelings of being un able to get up. Sleep paralysis and night terrors can both be treated the same way, which is getting a better sleep schedule, and staying calm and not falling under stress.

These night phenomena happen commonly with people who have had nightmares in the past. Sleep paralysis and night terrors are roughly a great fear that feels realistic but in the end is all in the mind. People often become concerned in what to do if sleep paralysis or night terrors constantly occur. Night hallucinations such as sleep paralysis and night terrors can cause people to get no sleep, because the target is afraid to go to bed. Sleep paralysis and night terrors are highly related to one another and from reading articles, people believe that night terrors are likely the cause of sleep paralysis.

Marietta Bibbs is a manager at Morton Plant Mease Sleep Disorders Center. This sleep center is located around Safety Harbor, Florida. Marietta has been working for this sleep disorders center for over thirty years. Marietta Bibbs had given information on whether sleep paralysis develops over long term of having night terrors, and she had said that “these two sleep disorders come from different rems on sleep but are correspondingly alike in some aspects”. Not only are the sleep disorders from different rems of sleep but the disorders develop the same way and can be treated in the same ways. Given these points, night terrors can be assumed to be the cause of the development for sleep paralysis. Night terrors overall start at a young age and progress through adult hood and often people who do not get a better sleep schedule end up falling into a deep sleep causing the brain to fall under rougher sleep stages such as sleep paralysis.

Night terrors are a reaction, while sleep paralysis is more known as inability to get up or scream. Night terrors are caused when a person previously had nightmares, so people generally believe that these sleep disorders interlink because they have major similarities.


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