Imagine and receive the rights they deserve

Imagine not being able to go to school and become whatever you endeavour in life because of one simple, yet convoluted reason; MONEY? That is the strident reality for many youth and adolescents alike which have to drop their education because of money. Education should be free for everyone and anyone for a wide array of reasons. With education being free, our society would be way more lucrative with everybody having an equal chance of going to school and it would contribute to more educated people and a cultured society. Cost is the number one reason why students drop out and can’t attend school and with free education, the sky’s the limit. People will be able to learn and receive the rights they deserve which will better themselves and society. Besides the fact that it would provoke equality amongst everyone, we would be a more educated society with more prominent figures to enhance who we are as people.

Little do we know where the world might’ve have been today if some unfortunately poor genius and prowess who didn’t have the chance to go to school, did? Would we have solved cancer, colonized another planet? Education should be free as everyone and anyone could be wealthy and smart with the chance to go to school. Additionally, people would be able to try new ideas and show off their talents and pursue the life they want because they wouldn’t be starting off their life with debt with more happiness. People’s lives would be complete if education would be free. They could learn new things, and work to become what they have always dreamed about and change the world in unforeseen ways. Starting this life without debt would be a huge step and make people so content. Personally, I go to school and I have the ambition to become a doctor, and with the astronomical cost to attend medical school it will be a challenge to do so. I have friends and other acquaintances which also aspire to change the world and can’t because of the cost of post-secondary education.

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I wish I could tell them it would be okay but what I can say is that our government should take a more substantial stand to 5


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