Immigrants wanted to be seen as Americans

Immigrants wanted to be seen as Americans, and to “melt” into American culture. They wanted freedom and opportunity of a new life employment, health benefits, a roof over their heads and food on the table. The American immigrant story is people coming in multitudes to America and seeking the American dream: which is getting a job, working hard, raising a family and being accepted as an American. Even gaining American citizenship. “From rags to riches”. Hanneh Hayyeh, an immigrant, wanted the beauty that she believed America could only offer to her. The beauty she thought would be free, ended up costing her much more than she imagined, “someone who got nothing but only money will come in here and get the pleasure from all this beautifulness that cost me the blood of my heart.” (Anzia Yezierska, “The Lost Beautifulness” & “Soap and Water” 8). The melting pot is a metaphor for humanity that brings all cultures, all people of diverse backgrounds blending together as one, “The point most commonly taken is that the new human products of the melting pot would, of necessity, be culturally indistinguishable.” (Peter D. Salins, “Assimilation, American Style” 2). The melting pot most accurately describes the American people. Americans should aim to be more like stew, all different shapes, colors and textures. Their ingredients blend so well together and they each marinate into one another, but their characteristics remain intact.


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