Impacts of decisions on Business sustainability, Elements of

Impacts of decisions on Business sustainability, Elements of Corporate Culture and Stakeholders According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, “Every worker has the right to fair and safe work environment free of discrimination, where they earn competitive wages and can voice their concerns freely and Apple’s suppliers must live up to this to do business with Apple” (Apple, Inc., 2017).

Apple’s business decisions and processes must positively impact its elements of culture and sustainability. A sound cultural and ethical framework may help to reduce ethical and regulatory issues. By setting standards and codes, Apple will be able to measure the performance and conduct of supplies in a better manner (Apple Supplier Code of Conduct, 2018). In case of environment friendly technology, Apple has already gone ahead to ensure proper energy consumptions by using renewable sources which are awarded 100% index of clean energy by Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean report (Environmental sustainability Report, 2017). Apple has a 100% utilization of renewable sources in the United States which totals to 87% globally in its operations.

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“Moreover, their innovations have been praised for being capable of reducing the energy consumption by at least 57% which has by far exceeded the provisions by ENERGYSTAR. For instance, the Apple Mac Mini Desktop tops as the most efficient desktop computer in terms of energy consumed” (Environmental sustainability Report, 2017). The stakeholders of Apple are Customers, employees, Investors, Employees of suppliers and distributors. The stakeholders have many concerns regarding quality of the products, business sustainability, employment practices, financial performances and so on. The implementation of various environmental programs to address customer’s demand for sustainability, will satisfy the interest of customers (Thompson, 2017).

By providing wages according to employees’ work, giving them compensation and by implementation of workplace apprenticeship program will satisfy the concerns and employees of Apple. The implementation of guidelines on employment practices is successful, because 92% of suppliers now comply with 60-hour workweek rule (Apple Supplier Code of Conduct, 2018). These decisions will help the company to address its corporate social needs by satisfying the interest of stakeholders.

To impose rules on suppliers is difficult, due to differences in organizational contexts. However, Apple has the power to compel suppliers to comply with its supplier code of conduct (Thompson, 2017).


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