Importance life.Having learnt from the past,I live in

Importance of education is something that I understood at a very young age.My parents has always encouraged and supported me to study hard .

I was one of the best students in my class. In my school life,I was always a position holder in almost every class. Most of the time my positions in class were in between 1st, 2nd and third.I learn by knowing ,doing and I also learn from challenges and obstacles that I face in my life.Having learnt from the past,I live in present with an eye on the future.I work hard and sincerely to achieve good grades, which is very evidend from my consistent grades. I love sports.

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Most importantly I love playing badminton.It is an exciting game and keeps us in good health.I play badminton in my college with my friends in my spare time and I am looking forward to participate in the sport contest from concordia college.One of my fave things to do in my spare time is to read inspiring quotes and write them on a diary .

Quotes help us motivate towards our road to success. In conclusion,I would like to say that if granted admission into your university I would perform to the best of my abilities and hope to acquire skills that will help me realize realize my dreams.Finally I take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself.


I'm Casey!

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