In estimated 1 in 3 suffering anxiety at

In 2018, the American Psychology Association (APA) outlined anxiety as an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes referred from the Encyclopedia of Psychology book (Kazdin, 2000). It can be a reaction to stress, or it can occur in people who are unable to identify significant stressors in their life. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders among children, with an estimated 1 in 3 suffering anxiety at some point during childhood or adolescence (Gabrieli, 2016).

Proving that anxiety starts at childhood and so does school. Children experience anxiety through academic engagement, if the child won’t be able to handle the situation and may not be able to seek help this may lead to anxiety disorders during adolescence and may further affect adulthood.Anxiety and depression are now pervasive on college campuses.

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The epidemic of anxiety in high schools and on college campuses is stunning. Over the past seven years, anxiety has become the no.1 reason college students seek counseling (Heitler, 2018). Experts say that the causes range widely, from mounting academic pressure at earlier ages to overprotective parents, to compulsive engagement with social media. Anxiety has always played a role in the developmental drama of a student’s life, but now more students experience anxiety so intense and overwhelming that they are seeking professional counseling (Hoffman, 2015).

College students are more inevitable to this stress due to examination, requirements and other demands from academic institution. They can easily feel anxious trying to handle school, friends, family, and work for some while trying to figure out the rest of their life.Young adults are increasingly faced with the culture of hyperachievement and the pressure to be effortlessly perfect (Scelfco, 2016). As a result, their well being as well as their mental health is affected. Young people need basic survival and coping skills, and be practiced and shaped from elementary school to high school graduation. They are trying the best they can to make the cut and achieve the passing grade.

This stress builds their anxiety due to attaining their parent’s stipulation and social pressure. Stress-relief tools are now being banned from schools. The supposed stress-relief tools to enhance concentration, reduce anxiety and stimulate learning are contradictory to what they are told to be. They say that this tools have become a major distraction to teachers and students (Thayer, 2017). In 2016, Katherine Isbister took into consideration a study on stress-relief tools. She observes that students have long been clicking, tapping and clutching.

Isbister stated that these tools can be useful on helping students with attention issues to focus and also those with anxiety to be maintain calm. Because of this some students are restricted to use the tools that may be of help to them during a quiz, exam or relieve tension before a class recitation, a role play or other school activities that involves social interaction. Stress-relief tools may be of help through range of age.

It may help those children that is starting learn how the world works, students with their academic pressure and adults who experience anxiety through their fight with life.This thesis will be conducted to report findings of a thorough experimental study to provide evidence and establish the stability of stress relief tools as a way of relieving anxiety. This thesis will emphasize on stress-relief tools and how it affects the inflicted anxiety on selected freshman students studying in Centro Escolar University Malolos.


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