In as a meeting plan must be

In a structured interview there will be a set of inquiries that are asked in a precise order and each interviewee will be asked exactly the same inquiries.

Strengths – Structured interviews are anything but difficult to repeat as a set arrangement of shut inquiries are utilized, which are anything but difficult to evaluate – this implies it is anything but difficult to test for dependability. Structured interview are reasonably quick, which implies that numerous interviews can occur inside a short measure of time.Weaknesses – Structure interviews are not adaptable. This implies new inquiries can’t be asked as a meeting plan must be pursued. The responses from the interview are insufficient which implies that it will only produce quantitative data such as graphs.The biological approach to behaviour assumes that all conduct such as behaviour is driven by hereditary qualities and a humans natural/ chemical arrangement.

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It believes that the surrounding such as the environment, can’t change a person’s behaviour. It’s their belief that all activities, choices and the manner in which a person lives can be followed back to coming from the persons biological parents from their DNA.


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