In a systematic review of

In a systematic review of the available online databases was conducted by Peng (2012) , literature search was undertaken using multiple databases (Medline, PsycInfo and Scopus) to identify and synthesize all relevant literature published from 1990 to 2011. it was found that : 1.Impact on marriage was found to be associated with female infertility than male, 2.Infertile males were more satisfied in their marriages than infertile female partners3.Infertile women felt more insecure in marriages than males in the same situation4.Treatment experiences varies between men and women 5.

Socio-demographic profile of the individual is an important factor 6.Quality of marital life is directly related to age of the couple, sexual gratification, education levels and their perception of the infertility problem. 7.Perceived mutual support among the couple has better impact on their treatment outcomes, Laffont, 19948.The impact of a diagnosis was more eventful for women than men 9.Bovin, 1998, identified that infertile men were more hopeful of favourable treatment outcome. 10.

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Research and treatment should be carried out on the couple seeking treatment than on individuals. Seeing infertility to have an impact on the dyadic relationships. 11.The studies were most often focused on the medical aspects than psycho-social domains.

12.Papers reviewed were in English, hence relevant papers in other languages would have been missed.The findings were from a clinical population, hence the complete understanding and the complexity of the condition may not be understood . multiple perspectives could not be identified.


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