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    In “the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the story is mainly about the relationship of Gregor samsa’s and his three family members that are worry because he locked him himself in his own room when the mom, the dad,and the sister were knocking.  In (lines 104 – 108) “At the other,  side of the door his sister came plaintively:”Gregor? Aren’t you well? Do you need anything” Gregor answered to both side saying that “I’m ready know”,. Another evidence to show how the family were worry about him was in (lines 103 – 106 )  ” Father came knocking at one of the side of the door, gently,  but with his fist. ” Gregor, Gregor!”. Also his mom was worried because ” in (lines 80 – 87)  “There was a caution knock at the door near his head”. “Gregor”, somebody  called – it was his mother – “it’s quarter to seven.” “Didn’t you want to go somewhere”? ” That gentle voice! Gregor was  shocked when he heard his own voice answering, it could hardly be recognized as the voice he had before”.

    Gregor’s family  contributes to his isolution in   Very different ways Gregor’s sister has a very sentimental way of showing him that she cares and is worried of him locking himself out. One example with in the text would be once the father starts being impatient with Gregors stubbornness ways it states ” In the room on his left his sister began to cry” not only does this text show his sister being emotional and contributing to his isolation in a more distressful way but it also states that she tries to comfort him in his emotional state. “Gregor! Gregor!  At the other side door his sister came plaintively, Gregor? Aren’t you well? Do you need anything”? Not only does this text show an emotional distress but bn back up my claim of his sister trying to comfort him emotionally but approaching him with caution but also with consideration of his feelings.  Gregor’s father on the other hand is more if a demanding mindset when it comes to getting Gregor out the room. The story shows one part that states ” After a short while he called again”vsvally a stretupical idea for a male role mentally strong individual,  his father seems to be using a less compassion way to get his son out the room unlike what his sister was doing!,and a more demanding and forceful act.  That stereotypical role is shown here by his father using more dominant ways to get his son out the room with the “Warning” tones and aggressive knocking, the text later on gives another example of this by starting “his father looked hostile,  and clenched his fists as if wanting to knock Gregor back into his room” this shows the father of Gregor putting anger and pressure on This whole situation and being extremely impatient unlike his sister who would have a stereotypical feminist approach to the issue by being patient and sentimental with a lot of compassion.

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Unlike Gregor’s sister and father having to contribute to his isolation in very different ways his mother, out of both of them, seems to have a more approachable way of dealing with the situation by using her!”Gentle voice” and a more rational reason to getting him out the room “Gregor,  somebody called – it was his mother – “it’s quarter to seven.  Didn’t you want to go somewhere” That Gregor voice!  Gregor was shocked”… showing his mother not only having a total different approach but also with more rational reasons then his sister being dierkx emotional and his dad being too aggressive with their approach.      How did the parents react was that they were shocked of what Gregor turn into.

 “Gregor’s mother, her hair still disheveled from bed despite the chief clerk’s being there, looked at his father.  Then she unfold her arms,took two steps forward towards Gregor and sank down onto to the floor into her head disappeared down onto her breast.  His father looked hostile, his eyes with his hands and wept so that his powerful chest shook. The dad had a more angry reaction which later lead to him being sad. Also the mother had a very disappoint view and movement, example will be the arms crossing. The arm crossing sign of disappointment or distress longer towards Gregor.

In conclusion this why the family were worrying about Gregor.


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