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In a world where words are necessary, a leader knew how to speak none and makes the world listen, someone who is steadfast to connect worlds and build bridges. They know people have come before them and they follow them. They know they are part of a whole, that they are passionate about rising emerging leaders throughout them. They are in a continuous state of making alternatives in provision for inevitable changes. That they see the world differently. The world speaks much than necessary, but a great leader spoke nothing but bright colors.A leader cannot act as they are above everyone else, but they should be the paradigm that everyone else seeks to attain.

It is vital for a leader to rummage that middle ground where they generate a peaceful atmosphere that promotes equality, raises creativity, and elevates productivity within a set of just and righteous enforced standards. A leader who is open to learning and inquisitive will be able to go so much farther in terms of making the right decisions while also gaining the favor in the team’s eyes.I know you have heard this story.

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Maybe you have read this story from the daily newspaper or by just merely scrolling through your social media accounts. The story of how his existence becomes the message.Mahatma Gandhi established the beliefs and ideas that ultimately formed him into a world figure. He uncovered himself in the limelight when he rebelled and protested in contradiction of racism categorized to dark-skinned individuals. As a consequence, he was imprisoned and condemned by those who are in power.

His vision presupposed an evident level of humanity. He expressed to the world that it is thinkable to oppose prejudice and injustice in an honorable manner, does not involve retaliation, and might even bring resolutions that empower all concerned. He went beyond restrictions and influenced leaders to stood for human moralities and entitlements. Gandhi personified his story, was reverted by his cohorts, and paid his life for what he believed in. We can look for what he has done.

We can learn from what he has learned. And we can reflect from the way he lived his meaningful life.Leaders prepare themselves not for the comfortable banality and predictability of yesterday but also for the veracities of today and all those unknown possibilities and opportunities of tomorrow. They will celebrate the values of people, coincide with their beliefs and ameliorate our way of life.

They will stipulate a venture to unite as one nation and to get back to the best of who we are. And to remind us to lead by example with honor, dignity, and integrity.


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