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In addition, upon the implementation of K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum in the Philippines, teachers must always be updated of the latest trends and issues concerning their field of specialization to keep their students well informed on the situations of the corporate world. Mote et al. (2014) stated that competent faculty members enriched learning activities using up-to-date reference, practiced innovation towards globalization. Teachers of the future are expected to develop their competencies in delivering up-to-date knowledge to sustain their duties and functions as knowledge providers in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive work environment (Del Mundo & Refozar, 2013). They should continuously compare, analyze and evaluate the methods being used in order to motivate students and to make the learning as effective as possible (Camello, 2014).
However, as observed in Molave East District, teachers had difficulty looking for references that would suit to the competencies needed to be taught and it is of their act of resourcefulness to look for these materials that are very significant in ensuring seamless delivery of instruction. In connection, teachers are obliged to make Daily Lesson Logs (DLL) as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 48 series of 2016 that requires them to reflect on the teaching-learning process. With this, it adds to their burden and load of work most especially if they are to prepare eight subjects per day given the scarcity of resources.
In connection, most of the teachers were merely downloading their Daily Lesson Logs without prior checking on the contents and the worst, some of them just ordered it from a computer shop with a non-teacher operator. In addition, only few had gone remedial classes and follow-ups on pupils who need special attention when it comes to reading and arithmetic. Sad to note, there are teachers who did not taught certain subject areas due to lack of available resources even from the learning portals of the department.
Consequently, the district has practiced the school based periodic exam to ensure that the assessment tools used by the teacher are suitable to the pupils, but teachers just copied and paste the test questions from other teachers of other schools and some just downloaded it from unreliable sources.
In addition, during academic and non-academic competitions, some of the schools did not participate where in fact it is an avenue for the pupils to expand their circle, develop self-esteem and gain confidence. This and all the others were a manifestation of being less engaged in work.
With the reasons stated above, the researcher conducted this study in order to determine the impact of teachers’ job demand and job resources to their work engagement in Molave East District particularly, Grades Five and Six teachers who suffered from incomplete references.
The researcher further hoped that the results of this study may serve as the basis for reforms in the department.


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