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In an organization, Leadership is about influencing and motivating people towards an effective contribution for the success.

Based on different situations in an organizational environment there are many leadership theories can be applied. All these theories been categorized and differentiated based on forms and times of applications as below.One category of theories are the ones which are based on the leaders with no interaction to the followers. Another category is the transformational approach of a leader to get workers to motivate and deliver exceptional performance and transactional approach of a leader to set systems, process, and routine works delivering self-improvement. The third category would be universal theories used in every situation and contingency theories which are only used in special conditions.The most common theories which are widely used by most of the organizations are, * “Great Man” Theories: Very traditional and old concept of leadership being inherited from generation to generation* Trait Theories: This is certain leadership qualities being inherited and made them a leader* Contingency Theories: This is to select the best suitable method based on the situation* Situational Theories: This is leader changes and select best strategy of action * Behavioral Theories: There are certain actions which make a leadership effective* Participative Theories: Every member in the group participates to give his suggestions.

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* Management Theories: Are called as transactional theories which focus on group performance.* Relationship Theories: are called as transformational theories which focus both on group and individual performance.Most Common Theories used in the Organization1.

Behavioral Theories This means the actions of the leader in certain situations which makes him different than the other team members. According to this theory the leader’s actions speaks more than the words and has capability make an impact on the team through his behavior.In order to understand this in a practical situation, at Ayurva, when an employee gets late continuously late, after two days the leader start his work earlier and start the morning briefing on time which makes the late comer aware that leader has noticed him not being on time to start work. Even without speaking a word directly on this the leader conveys a corrective method to the employee which is very smooth in most cases.

2. Situational and Contingency Theories:This means that a leader can adopt different leadership styles in different circumstances in order to handle the situation. Depend on the need and urgency and his capacity of handling it, it could be autocratic or even could be democratic approach if it is a case he needs suggestions from the team on the particular matter. It has contingence to the situation as well hence it could be identified as contingency theory too.At Ayurva, with a small team in operations this theory is very much applied in most situations. In case of emergency situations with any tourist arrivals or any issue with resort reservations, the leadership takes the control of the situation with an autocratic approach and giving instructions to the team to follow.

Also in a situation of handling a stressed out employee the leadership uses a behavioral impact with more of a supportive approach with the work load or allowing him a break or release of duties as a helpful method.3. Transformational Leadership TheoryAs per the transformational theory people tend to follow the leader who influence and motivate them in terms of achieving targets as well as personal growth. People willing to work under such a leadership because in is always inspirational and a great exposure for experience and learning for the future growth.

Transformational leadership is a visionary approach with a great ability to articulate the same to the employees mind and motivate and trigger their interest to drive towards achieving those targets. Transformation leader is always there in the center and available to ask help and has the ability to lead the team with a very good clear vision.Celebrations, ceremonies and special wellness retreats that Ayurva organizes for the staff are some of the methods to uplift the motivation by letting them to absorb something could personally benefit them.

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In an organization, HR or Learning & Development (L&D) activities assists the management in proper implementation of the organization’s strategies and policies. It aims to achieve the organizational goals by performing the following functions relating to human resource:Manpower planning, recruitment and selectionTraining and developmentPerformance appraisalMotivation and morale-building of workforceRemuneration of employeesIndustrial and employee relationsPreserving records of employeesROLE OF HR / L;D PROFESSIONALS IN SUPPORTING LINE MANAGERSHR managers play an important role in supporting the line managers. They explain the procedural framework and provide advice and guidance on all HR-related matters like employee development, reward, involvement and participation, employee relations, grievances, etc.

which helps the line managers to work within the policies and norms of the organization.HR managers provide training and development to the line managers, thereby helping them to acquire skills and knowledge required to carry out their duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively.Apart from supporting the line managers in their day-to-day activities, HR or L;D professionals also perform the role of a consultant. It provides internal consultancy to the line managers whenever required, while sometimes proactively by controlling the situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens.FINANCE FUNCTIONFinance is the blood of an organisation.

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Finance department keeps manual/electronic records of capital invested, borrowed and outstanding in the market. It produces various financial statements for tax purposes, legal formalities and audit practices. It administers employees’ salaries, pension, loan repayments, etc. This information helps management in devising new business strategies.RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FUNCTIONThe aim of research and development department is to make new features in the existing products, creating new and better products, improving production methods, and creating effective processes. It enables the organisation to cut down the costs, increase profitability and remain ahead of the competition. (Organisational Functions )HOW FUNCTIONS OF ORGANISATION OPTIMISE PERFORMANCE?All management functions are independent, yet interdependent and hold its own importance to complete a job or task. Capital or Finance is essential to start or run an organisation but without manpower we cannot operate the organisation, so there is a cycle or supply chain process to complete a task in given lead time.

All departments perform together to achieve a specific goal. Production department coordinate with designing department as well as vendor management department, finance department provide capital to purchase raw material. At the same time, human resource department provides the workforce to accomplish a specific job. On the other hand, departments like marketing and sales department focuses on specific strategies to achieve their targets of sale.

Advertising department coordinate with finance department to decide the budget for advertising and also perform with external organisation. IT department has its own importance because it provides management information system which helps every department to catch the information at right time at right place. All departments work together simultaneously. Therefore performance of the organisation is reflected in the joint efforts of every department starting from identifying the need of customer to delighting the customer.


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