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In ancient times, hawk is a famous airplane. Although hawk is also a fixed wing aircraft and it is use for military and so on. In the beginning, the name of hawk is Hawker Siddeley Hawk. Hawk is really useful for an air force as a low-cost training aircraft especially for the young army.

Therefore, hawk still use until now and almost 1000 the hawk plane it’s been sold on 18 state in the Malaysia. In 1964, the air force British want the other aircraft detailing the needs of a jet training but without realising it is too complex to be made as a training craft. After that, in 1968, Hawker Siddeley has started to do the design of the airplane training but it is a simpler subsonic speed as known as HS.1182.

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The aircraft has a parallel position which is capable of carrying weapons, which enable it to be used as a weapons training and serves as a lightweight attack aircraft.Furthermore, hawk is also famous, has a talented and able to make for one of the aerobatic forces which is Red Arrows. It is such a wonderful talented. Other than that, the team of the aerobatic from Finland which is Midnight Hawks also use the same aircraft because it is so interesting to use that. There are many various hawk systems which have operating capabilities although they cannot be flown to supersonic levels. Moreover, hawk can reach minimum speed of 1.

3 mach only. Otherwise, while plunging, allowing the aircraft to undergo sonic Trans although it cannot be operated supersonic speed aircraft like usual. At last, hawk has a lot of types, for example Hawk 128.

The types of hawk 128 is the weight cannot be more than 0.65. Then, maximum speed by hawk 128 is 1028km/j.


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