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In any profession, aptitude is considered to be an important characteristic of an individual, which can predict the future success, or failure of an individual in one occupation or areas of occupations. Current trends in teacher testing are likely to continue and to lead to extended training programs for teachers.

Before getting a license to teach they are required to demonstrate through examination the knowledge and skill in teaching.Aptitude test attempts to predict the capacities or the degree of achievement that may be expected from individuals in a particular activity. Aptitude tests measure and describe special abilities, capacities or talents which are supposed to determine the level of achievement that can be expected from individuals in specific fields of study and activity. The aptitude of the teacher about teaching may also affect the job satisfaction and his responsibilities towards academic activities. Aptitude may be described as a specific ability distinct from the general intellectual ability, which helps an individual to acquire degree of proficiency or achievement in a specific field. The most common forms of aptitude tests are those used to judge scholastic promise and these are used in employment and educational counselling. A college entrance exam or admission test is a standardized aptitude test.

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These tests are not designed to measure what you have learned in school; rather, they measure your potential to perform well in the future. Furthermore, before students enter the college and pursue their education at University of Southern Mindanao (USM), they must first take the admission test administered by the Testing Center. The test determines students who may take a degree or a non-degree course.

The scores provide further information regarding the ability and knowledge of the students in the different subject areas whether they are capable to take the course they wanted or not. Academic Aptitude Test (AAT) is a test conducted by the University guidance center. It composed of two sub test verbal and non-verbal intelligence.

Verbal intelligence is a specialized test which has been prepared for the purpose of evaluating mental abilities and capabilities that are important in academic work. Furthermore, non-academic intelligence is designed to evaluate the aspect of intelligence related to the aptitude for abstract academic work required in mathematical, engineering, designing and other physical sciences.The Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers (PATT) is designed to measure aptitudes which are deemed predictive of abilities required in the teaching profession. This is a written test consisting of six (6) subtests, namely: Verbal English, Verbal Filipino, Numeric, Induction, Situational Judgment and Information. Teaching aptitude is one of the major determinants of teacher effectiveness (Vyas, 1982).

According to Kukruti (1990) in a study of some psychological correlates of successful teachers found that there is a positive relationship between aptitude and success in teaching. Quality of teaching depends not only on teachers’ qualifications and experiences but also on their commitment that can be recognized by their aptitude towards teaching. (Pascua et al., 2011) found out that there is a significant relationship between LET performance and admission test. This means that there is a significant correlation between LET and Admission Test Scores (ATS). This further implies that as the respondent’s score in the Admission Test increases there is a tendency that the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) score would be high. On the other hand, as the Admission Test Score (ATS) gets low, the LET score would likely be low. The admission criteria that best predict success on the Principles of Learning and Teaching are American College Testing (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores.

This can be explained in part by the hierarchical nature of criteria that have been established for admission to the College of Education. The data gathered indicate that ACT scores are significant predictors of success on the licensure test of professional and pedagogical knowledge (Herrington, 2005). The study of Guanzon and Marpa (2014) revealed that the Philippine Normal University admission test and College grade point average significantly predicted performance of graduates in the Licensure Examination. Furthermore, (Visco D. 2015) found out that Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT), attendance in LET review, Educational Attainment, Training/Seminar Workshops Attended, and evaluation of Academic Rank and Workloads are good predictors of LET performance. Delosa and Edralin (2017) also found out that Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers (PATT) predicts academic performance.

The performance in the LET may be predicted by several variables, especially the entry requirements in college. Hence, there is a need to study the variables which may play an important role in the performance of the College of Education (CED) graduates so as to come up with intervention schemes in improving LET performance.


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