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In Bertrand Russell’s “The Problems of Philosophy”, he emphasizes that philosophy is also about knowledge in such a way as other areas of study. However, philosophy cannot provide a straightforward answer to a question. In fact, one of the problems of philosophy is not having a possible definite answer to certain questions. That is why the main goal of philosophy, according to Russel, is to see abstract, universal, and objective knowledge as much as we can. For Russell, the uncertainty or unsureness is one of the values of philosophy because it allows us to think and analyze all our answer and explanation to a question. He also stresses the fact that the purpose of philosophy is to make people better by thinking better. Russell concluded his essay expounding that philosophy is a way of freeing a person’s mind and being able to freely seek the truth and not be a prisoner of their own opinions. On the other hand, whenever a definite answer is provided to a question it becomes a science


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