In all about how to safeguard vulnerable

In care setting organization putting our residents first is a very important priority to provide quality care for a vulnerable adult.

Vulnerable adults are in safe hands through legal support from various authorities i.e. vetting and barring scheme, Independent Safeguarding Authority, Local safeguarding Board Policy. Safeguarding policies and procedure with our service has to work in partnership to develop a multi agency procedure and guidance to safeguard vulnerable adults. Our health, our care, our say is a white paper which was published in 2006 which had set out new directions for social care and community services. The development of safeguarding approaches I.e.

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1. Good prevention and early intervention improves service users to able to maintained independence and well being. In our settings we provide resources, training and other support to enable staff to understand all about how to safeguard vulnerable adults.

2. More choices to support a service user. Individuals who are being support by health professionals the care they received has their say and ways of how the service identifies issues and the relevant triggers. 3. Managing inequalities and to improve access to the service.

To support our service users to promote emotional health and wellbeing and also to provide adequate support to prevent physical and mental illnesses.Putting people first is a shared vision to support vulnerable adults In accordance with adult social care. This is to enable our residents to live their lives as the wish and to have confidence that the service they received safe and of good quality, and also to independence, privacy, dignity and respect. Staff to ensure residents are valued, and have maximum power and control over the support they received.


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