In Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, I completed my Learning Connections Inventory, I wasn’t surprised by what I found out, seeing it on paper, changed my perceptive just a little.
I’m a Strong Willed Learner I scored a 27 in Sequence, a 35 in Precise, 29 in Technical, and a 29 in Confluent, all these levels are Use First. Having the accessibility to these scores, have gave me the tools, to become a much more effective learner.
High School I struggled with writing papers. My Senior English Instructor, was also a professor at a university; therefore, our papers naturally had to be college level. The pressure was on. Our papers where always a really huge thing, we had a deadline, rubrics, brainstorming charts, concept maps, and outlines. Now I had the skills, and confidence to write a well-organized, college paper, after all it was practice for college in the fall after all. I had examples, key guidelines, expectations, which took so much stress off my shoulders. I read the directions step by step. I knew exactly what was needed for my paper to get the best grade possible.
My first year in teaching, was exciting, because I had so many ideas, to help my class flow so smoothly, I was planning on reaching all my students, regardless of their learning abilities. I became extremely frustrated when I would stay up all night and losing weekends, preparing glorious lesson plans to be submitted then being stopped dead in my tracks, having my confidence crushed. One principal telling me my lesson plan is fine and she can’t wait to see it implemented. One principal constantly tweaking my lesson plans, and another absolutely hating my ideas, and requesting I redo it, following her strict guidelines. The school was still fairly new, with all new staff, a lot first year teachers. No one seem to know procedures, and how to handle many situations once they arouse. I required much more time to submit an effective lesson plan, the need for clear guidance regarding class management, and plans to help ensure students are learning in allotted time, and staying engaged.
Before gearing more to education, I was going to school for Pharmacy Technology and working in a pharmacy. While having all these books in front of me, yet my mind wandered. I lost everything I was supposed to be retaining. When I clocked in, at work all that blah, blah, blah, from the text, and the long boring lectures came to life. I got to input prescriptions, insurance information, answer phone calls, customer service, and count medicines. The Pharmacy was a small pharmacy, the staff was always a pharmacist, cashier, and pharmacy technician. The Pharmacist was a huge smoker, so he was always in the back of the store smoking. I had to learn how to do a lot of things real fast.
I work in an autistic classroom, I work with 8 students all day, along with other teachers in the classroom. The students all have different levels of understanding. I don’t follow a traditional schedule with them for that reason. I’m aware of all their strengths and weaknesses. I have to document on the students on a daily basis. I tend to shorten words, draw pictures, usage of slang, and so on, the notes are for my eyes, but I will read back any finding that I occur to any other staff member. I do what I please regarding my rotations.
As a student, the awareness in my learning patterns will help me successful in my classes. I will have the skills to increase my testing skills, help me with pursing my goals, gain much needed independence in school, and how to continue to learn on the job.

I’m a parent I will be able to understand my children preparations for testing, reducing stress levels and increasing overall school success.
In my professional setting, I will have increased abilities to complete a degree, which will lead to job success, the further development of soft skills, and improve classroom management by aiding and engaging the students and staff.

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