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In conclusion, Newton’s laws of motion have influenced the design of wings as they are required to produce lift, so the wings must be suitable for them to apply. The flaps and slats allow to maintain lift at slow speeds by increasing the wing area and curvature ,using force equals mass times acceleration ,and the first law allows the plane to maintain a constant speed in air. Other factors that influence the design of wings is the purpose of the craft focusing on manoeuvrability or comfort and efficiency determining the material and size of the wings. The changes in the design and materials used is also due to the availability of better resources such as alloys today which are more resistive and less dense since the wings must be able to withstand the arching and weaving during flights. For example, the first successful flight was achieved by the Wright brothers whom had an aircraft with wings made up of wood, currently most aircraft have wings made from aluminium and or titanium alloys since they are very resistive and low density materials.

For a plane to travel at a desired speed without requiring much engine force of thrust the mass must be very small since acceleration equals force divided by mass, hence why light weight materials are preferred.

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