In banks. This study also helps in assess

In current years, the banking industry around the world has been undergoing a rapid transformation. The deepen of information technology has facilitate better tracking and fulfillment of commitments, multiple delivery channels for online customers and faster resolution of issues. In Pakistan too, the wave of deregulation in the early 1990s has created heightened competition and greater risks for banks and financial intermediaries. Today, customers look forward to maximum quality services from banks which, if fulfilled, could result in significantly improved customer satisfaction levels. This experiential research study mainly focuses on investigating the major factors that influence online customers’ satisfaction with the overall service quality of their banks.

This study also helps in assess the power of these factors in the context of Online (Internet) banking and would, therefore, help the bank management not only in improving the level of contentment but also strengthening the bond between the banks and their customers, thereby helping them to retain and/or expand their overall customer base.

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