In learners put themselves into somebody else’s shoes,

In English as a second language, role play is one type of activity which is so common in classes. Sam (1990) defined role-play as “an activity which requires a person to take a role that is real or imaginary”. Role-play is a kind of speaking activity when learners put themselves into somebody else’s shoes, or they stay in their own shoes but put themselves into on imaginary situation (Budden, 2004). In this activity students have more opportunities to “act” and “interact” with their peers, but also students’ English speaking, listening and understanding will improve (Huang, 2008).
“The task of the teacher is to improve performance in the foreign language, not alter personality. Roles then can be created to fit not only the linguistic ability, but also the personality of the individual student (Livingstone, 1985). As Livingstone (1985) stated “the teacher’s role during the role play phase is to be as unobtrusive as possible”. Teacher can move round the classroom or can sit somewhere outside the performing space


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