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In this day and time everyone wants to have a way of making some income, be it as a main income or just as an added passive income.

The good thing about it is that most people can easily access reliable Internet thus enabling them to execute so much online and generating tangible passive income. Make passive income online by targeting mostly the Millennials; these are known to be the most active online, with the highest buying power globally. It is important to also note that they are known to spend an average of 8 hours a day on social media; one of the social media platforms they frequently visit being Twitter.

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Twitter has a lot of users who actively use this platform on their gadgets with an average Twitter user having close to 800 followers. Hey, this makes it a very useful tool to reach as many people as possible at the comfort of your home! Many users prefer acquiring their daily news from Twitter since that makes them a sense of belonging especially if the post has nice comments by followers. Now, aren’t such convincing facts good enough for you to consider Twitter as your first option when it comes to reaching the masses? I bet they are.Twitter has several amazing though independent tools that enables the user to hit great milestones; other than just dwelling on the usual tweeting enticing, funny or informative stuff that may likely get a retweet in the end. One of the ways to automate Twitter to get free Twitter followers instantly is by signing up with This is one of the best way gain followers free and instantly also, it offers fast delivery of your tweets with very remarkable results to follow. It is secure, meaning you really do not have to worry about having your private data landing in the wrong hands.

Isn’t this an easy way of building traffic on Twitter rather than having to sit all day following others so that they follow you back?Alright, now you have your Twitter account automated for followers. Here are 15 best passive income ideas that you can embark on online:1.     Are you a fan of photography? Then you can earn an extra coin by uploading professionally done photos.

Websites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto offer platforms to sell photos at either a percentage or a flat fee per every photo sold to a site client.2.     If you love writing, then writing an ebook is something you can do not just as a hobby but for cash!3.     Do you have skills for creating items? You can promote your products online from the comfort of your house. All you need is to locate the best site for the product, take nice photos of the items and list them and you are good to go.4.

     Create a blog – Pick a topic you love and go all out about it.5.     Do freelancer jobs like data entry for clients online and create income.6.     If you have artistic and creative mind, why not give Graphic design a shot. You can do it for people online as a freelancer.7.

     Open a You Tube channel and offer lessons, tips or even training on something that you are talented in and that you enjoy doing; per every view you get, you make cash.8.     Become an Affiliate Marketer – Here you get paid to do activities you do free anyway, such as sharing links for websites like Amazon and Alibaba.9.     Offer to become an Admin for corporate companies’ pages and help them market their products.10.  Build an app then register it with either Google Play or Apple store.11.

  If you are good with the markets, then Forex trading is another way of making an income. 12.  Become an online tutor.

13.  Create a page or if you can, a website or even an app then have services listed alongside the service providers for people to log in when in need of services/service providers.14.  Another passive way of making an income is by redeeming points generated via shopping or by viewing Ads online.

15.  You can make use of Airbnb to earn an income – If you have some space that’s not in use and are in need of some income, this is the way to go. They allow guests to pick their preferred home of stay online as listed online and as they do it, you get some income.



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