In facing a multitude of business challenges.

In thearticle “Trump’s e-commerce push would mean 25% lower prices, 300K jobs lostfor Canada: study” Erica Alini, National Online Journalist, Money/Consumer forthe globe and mail explains how Trumps new push for e-commerce is going to putretail employees in Canada out of their jobs. Trump administration is pushingfor Ottawa to lift the value of goods that Canadians can purchase withoutpaying import taxes and duties to almost $1000 instead of the current $20.Although this would save Canadians 25% when buying online from the states, itcould result in a loss of 300,000 retail jobs in Canada. The Human Resourcesdepartment at The Hudson Bay Company may need to develop a termination strategyor train employees to work in different areas of the business such as deliverydrivers, shelf stalkers, technical or customer service support. (Alini, 2018)              ByTrump’s administration’s push for this lift of value of goods, Hudson’s BayCompany could see a major loss in employment due to corporate suffering. Alarge competition could take place for Canadian companies as they will berequired to raise prices to compete with companies over the border, especiallyfor Canadian cities close to the border such as Kingston, Toronto and St.

Catherine’s. Ultimately, the concern brought from Erica Alini’s article willforce The Hudson’s Bay Company to follow a strategy of tendering to a moreonline based business approach.  With Ontario’s new minimum wage increase from $11.60to $14.00 per hour, The Hudson’s Bay Company will start facing a multitude ofbusiness challenges. Research shows that businesses across Ontario will have ahard time absorbing the costs of the increase as well as a possible job loss ofaround 50,000.

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The Hudson’s Bay Human Resources department, will be thedeciding factor in whether or not they will develop a competitive advantageover other retailers in Ontario. This will allow them to thrive in theircompensation strategy to hire the top employees for the job, while compensatingemployees who already make above minimum wage (News, B. 2017).


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