In The Impact of paper use on

In the governance, the paper is potentially used to support demand of documentand correspondence creation in larga scale.

In this case, wood is a basematerial in production of paper. It means, exploitation of lumber forestunavoidable. Thus, Unconciously, policy makers are conceivably participate toreduce the growth of forest when it consumi excessively. The use of paperextravagantly has a various impact for environment : The lack of number oftrees, deficiency of water availibility and global warming. The Impact of paperuse on the environment are :Firstly, The lack of number of trees, Indonesia is the sixth largestpaper producing country in the world (menperindag).The Use of paper reach 72 ton per year (IndonesianPulp and Paper Association). To Produce a ream of paper takes approximatelyone tree  with five years age. It can beimagined how the increasing number of trees that will be felled to fulfill anecessity of paper substance.

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This condition will be more serious ifreplantation not be done.Secondly, deficiency of wateravailibility is caused by decreasing of number of forests. Whereas, theexistance of forest is mostly to induce rain water to fall directly on the soilsurface and it will be absorbed by plant roots. Moreover, the forest is an effective restraint and absorption waterarea. Therefore, the less of number of forest, the less of amount of cleanwater and higienic.Finally, The exsessive logging is one of causes global warming, naturecondition which is motivated by incapability of athmosphere to accommodate widerange of gasses to shoved up the earth. (linesaJournal of chemistry vol.

3 No. 2, may 2014), and it will destroyenvironment parity. Thus, the earth surface temperature will increase and,global warming will haunt human lives gradually. This condition will takeimpact for many sectors such as impact of melt of ice in polar regions,increase of sea water level which causes the lack of mindland, drought ofagricultural area, etc.However, the solution to this case is persist. it depends on theconsciousness and desire of each human being in saving forest.

There arevarious way to decrease  impact of paperuse on the environment: they are : firstly, replantation, this way is moreeffective to avoid deforestation. Secondly, used a paper in every piece ofpaper. The impact can be reduced by policy maker with use dobleside of paperand print the document when extremly need it. Thirdly, replacing wood as materialof paper instead waste banana stem and other fiber material can be used  , finally, the recycle of paper waste is adiscreet way to solve the matter. Paper waste can be recycled into a pencil box,partition paper, etc.

Forest is water absorbsion, a giant umbrella and the lungs of theworld. The forest is the key of parity of nature ecosystems. When deforestationoccurs, the balance of nature ecosystem becomes unstable. Tree is potenciallyto contribute of oxygen for human survival. Then, it is proper for human beingto maintain stability of the ecosystem.


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