In new paradigm for ne?t!generation computing, enables the

In Internet world and everyone prefers to enjoy fast access to the Interneta rapid exponential increase in computer processingpower, data storage and communication. But still there are many complex andcomputation intensive problems, which cannot be solved by supercomputers.

Theseproblems can only be met with a vast variety of heterogeneous resources. The increaseduse and popularity of the Internet and the availability of high-speed networks havegradually changed the way we do computing. These technologies have enabled thecooperative use of a wide variety of geographically distributed resources as a single morepowerful computer. This new method of pooling resources for solving large-scaleproblems is called as grid computing. This paper describes the concepts underlying gridcomputing.

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It provides a layout for implementing the proposed Grid Model that can access the Internet very fast. By using Grid we can easily download any number of files very fast depending on the number of systems employed in the Grid. The Grid formulated by us uses the standard Globus Architecture, which is the only Grid Architecture currently used world wide for developing the Grid. Grid computing, emerging as a new paradigm for ne?t!generation computing, enables the sharing, selection, and aggregation of geographically distributed heterogeneousresources for solving large!scale problems in science, engineering, and commerce.The resources in the Grid are heterogeneous and geographically distributed. Availability, usage and cost policies vary depending on the particular user, time, priorities and goals.


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