In imagine things from different perspective means we

In life we have different perspective on how we deal and understand a certain situation.

The context of the video is the unanticipated connection to empathy of the “Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world”. Math doesn’t revolve about addition, subtraction, algebra, etc., only.

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But it is also about seeking solutions and strategies. Mathematics enables us to do so many things. It talks about the connection of a mathematical imagery to view ideas about the nature of our understanding by considering a lot of perspective. It uses simple explanation of how solving a pattern can differ from different viewpoints.

Changing perspective means we are our minds are adding knowledge and learning something new. Having the ability to imagine things from different perspective means we have the ability to empathize according to situation. Our empathy helps the mind to be flexible and more understanding to each other’s position. In order for us to understand something completely, we must be willing to be accept changes in our perspectives. The important aim of the video is to bind mathematics and the society together.


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