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In most care settings, all the policies and procedures are kept in main office and they are available for everyone to see at all times. It is my responsibility to read these files keep up to date with any changes or amendments that may arise.

It would help me to know what to do whenever there is need.My duties as a care worker involves giving clients? Personal care such as assisting with washing, dressing, toileting requirements including catheter and convene care.? Assisting with nutritional requirement such as meal planning/preparation/feeding? My responsibility to ensure that the clients maintains an acceptable level of health and to promote the clients well-being. ? It is my responsibility to ensure that all company policies and procedures are carried out and to maintain record for the service delivered, along with responsibility for ensuring that my training needs are kept up-to-date so that I am at the level of standard required to undertake my role. ? It is my responsibility and duty to treat clients with respect and dignity at all times.

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The standard I have identified that influence the way I carry out my role as a career working in carer are;? Care standards Act 2000? Domiciliary care regulation 2002? Health and safety at work Act 1974? Manual handling operation Regulations 1992? Management of Health and safety at work Regulations 1999? Code of Practice? National occupation standards? Care Quality Commission standardsThese make up the standards to follow for good working practice within the Health and social careIn social work, no two days is the same. Things constantly changes and people keep moving on and new standards comes up to meet these constant changes. New standards reflect changes in profession personalized, quality services, focus on tackling exclusion, and the influence of rights and responsibilities.

There is very great increase in level of understanding in all sectors, and team work recognition and satisfaction directs own support than being passive receivers of services.The new developments in things like in technology has brought some good level of independence for people and many approaches to the care workers and administration and record keeping are done. Legislation and its guidelines are a future of the work of the sector. Most of the new guideline, policies and procedures result from enquires and investigations that followed tragedies, errors and neglect.However in all, much of the social work remain same. The basic principles of supporting people and treating them with dignity, respect, and confidentiality and ensuring they have choices and control must continue.The wonderful skills of good and effective communication remains very vital as ever. These bullet points could be used as both for reflective and improvement in practice of care worker.

? Must be aware of new and recent developments. Care workers of organizations must keep up to date with these new developments especially those that affect own work. A care worker must be active in knowledge. Awareness must be incorporated.? Sources of information? The various media. Health care is always in the news.

? Past and new reports and reviews Findings on enquires and investigation on failures and experiences are best seen in these reports and reviews. Many past failures would have been prevented. It would reflect on positive practice. The various websites of inspectorate and professional bodies contain many examples of good practice? Conferences and seminars. Many opportunities for these are always in professional journals. It may be for free. When there is cost one person of few may attend and come with hand-outs to share or retrain others with any new information and knowledge.? Internet.

Is the search engine for knowledge now? Just Google it. It must be used daily. However people must be aware of information obtained through the internet.? Colleagues and supervisors. Your work place sources of information is most important since you can always quote your source.

They may have gotten a great deal of more experience than you or the ones you do not have. They may have a better updates than you. You must be willing to be carried along.? Validity and reliability. These two factors must be there to ensure the reliable and valid in search.

Reliability means that the result would be same if the result would be same if someone else conducts the research. While validity means conclusion drawn are, consistent with results, the way the research is carried out, and the way information had been interpreted. The most concluding importance is to reflect on good and positive practice.


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